Exterior paint ideas

Today at home they compete not for wealth and kitsch of design, but for its elegance and expressiveness. In the trend of this year:
• Use of natural materials or their analogues.
• Individual facade design.
• Free combinations of styles and ways of registration.
How and what color is better to paint the facade?
Designers carefully prepared for us the latest season preferences. In the trend of white, beige, cream color. If you want a bright color, use its light shades.
You can paint the house in monochrome, in one color, you can add color accents. There are suggestions for a combination of materials. We picked up the most successful facade design ideas.
Idea 1. Snow-white classic
White color is always out of competition. With it, the building looks elegant, the color can be beautifully complemented with details made of wood, stone or metal. The question is how to paint the facade and preserve the purity of color for a long time? Choose a material with high wear resistance,
resistance to detergents.
Idea 2. Holiday colors.
What color would you like a house? The choice of colors of paints is so diverse that you can choose any color you like for your home. Pay attention to whether it will be combined with the roof covering, so as not to disturb the harmony.
An important point: on large squares in daylight colors look brighter than on the colors in the store. Also pay attention to the fact that the paint was resistant to UV radiation and does not fade.
Idea 3. Relief drawing
This will help structural paint. It is elastic, does not trickle down and allows you to quickly apply the drawing with special spatulas. The result is a beautiful structure, long service coverage and additional protection of the walls. In the color version, it will be interesting to look at the two-color design, when a new layer of color coating is applied over the toned paint.
Idea 4. The combination of materials
The combination of materials is a great idea for those who want to insure the lower part of the facade against contamination. Painting the house is done in 2 stages. The lower part of the facade to a height of 1.5 meters is revetted with a decorative stone or brick. The rest of the walls are painted. It is better to use contrasting colors of materials to emphasize each of the types of decor.
Idea 5. We draw on the walls
Fashionable now street art is already developing into real art. And the wall of the house – the perfect canvas to create on it. Paint the facade
monochromatic paint, leave to dry – and proceed to the artistic work. You can ask for help from professionals, or you can use master classes and decorate the house with your own hands.
If you approach the work creatively, painting in an amazing way will transform both the house and the whole area. And so that the work pleased you for many years, choose high-quality materials with a guarantee of long service and follow the basic rules of application in the work.

Exterior house paint ideas

We asked the designer, builder, low-rise house specialist and paint technologist what color to paint the house, and heard even more practical advice than expected!
From what will be the appearance of our home, depends on the first impression that will be about our home, about ourselves. But if everything is more or less clear with the style of the rooms, and even a person who does not understand the design will find a lot of materials and ready-made ideas for decorating the interior, what to do with the facade of a private house?
We will not convince you to paint the house outside in red or light yellow, but we will tell you the secrets of the professionals who will definitely influence your choice!
What may depend on the color
Ideally, the appearance of the house, both inside and outside, should be consistent with your personality, preferences and tastes. But it turns out that this is not the only thing that determines the color of the facade.
“The appearance of the facade of the house most often sets the style decision for its interior, for example, the interior in
Victorian style suggests the same look outside. Another thing is when a house or townhouse is located in a cottage settlement, in which case the exterior designer’s style is set by the developer, and the owners of the houses have no choice but to stick to it.
As for the choice of color, designers have the concept of “female”, “male” or “neutral” interior, the same applies to the exterior. So, a young married couple would rather try to choose something light, light. Very often, the choice is influenced by memories associated with joint vacations: they stop at the colors blue, white, sand. Women prefer red and pink, velvety surfaces, elegant decorative elements. Men traditionally choose brown and dark colors, a brutal appearance of the facade of the house. A familiar designer recently built himself a house out of a bar: all wood is light, with black window frames, black floor inside, red and black pieces of furniture. If there is
the possibility of choice, the color of the house will unequivocally reflect the character, preferences and even gender of the people living in it, ”said the designer.
Color selection algorithm
So how to choose the color of the facade? “At the initial stage of choosing the exterior of the house, it is very convenient to use special programs or online services that allow you to choose the color of the walls, windows, doors, roof, basement of the house and decide whether you like the combination of colors or not. At the next stage, we advise you to visit the exhibition of houses [open-air exhibitions, where samples of finished houses are collected, are popular in large cities – approx. author], where you can see the selected color and texture of the material live on samples exhibited by manufacturers.
For the final decision, it is advisable to paint a piece of the wall approximately 0.5 × 1 meter in size and watch the sample during the day with different lighting, and also, preferably, with different weather – in sunny and overcast. In this case selection error will be reduced as much as possible.
With regard to practicality, the least fade light colors. The slowest color is white. However, it should be remembered that the white color with time may become yellow. Thus, the most practical in this case may be gray dull color. It does not turn yellow with time and there is practically no dust on it.
Dark colors look very impressive on facades, especially those with simple architectural forms. However, it should be remembered that they quickly fade. The fading leader is black. If there is a need to use dark colors on the facade of the house, then you should pay attention to the warranty card for the paint, which indicates the restrictions for the period of burnout. Usually it is 5-7 years for dark colors, “

Exterior paint color ideas

When choosing paints for brick and concrete plastered facades, the same color selection principles apply. But besides this, it should be remembered that our walls need paint not only for beauty. Yes, of course, the facade, and the whole street, where the walls of houses are painted in bright colors, are pleasing to the eye, but the point is not only in color. Paint should protect the surface of the facade from destruction: the sun, frost, strong winds and unclean air can damage even the most durable materials.
How to paint a wooden house
Of course, you can paint the wooden house “tightly” with the help of coating paints, for example, enamels for wood. But most often in wooden construction translucent paints – azure are used.
“For wooden houses, it is better to use materials that emphasize the structure of the tree. After all, ultimately for this we choose a house from a tree: for its color and texture.
The color option will depend on the chosen color and texture of the roof assumed platbands, colors of the drainage system, basement finishing options, window lamination colors, log / timber outcrop (pererub at the corners and at the wall joints), as well as the design of already constructed buildings on the site, for example, baths
For a home, it is better to use 2-3 colors: the first for the facade, the second for the platbands, frontal roof strips and pillars, the third color for the socle and balusters.
You also need to understand that the tree requires special protection: during operation, it is able to both collect moisture from rain and other precipitation, and give it away under the influence of sunlight.
The most affected by environmental factors are facades that are located on the sunny side, so they are required for protective treatment primarily after construction, it is also very important to immediately handle the outcrops of logs or logs, since they are the main places of moisture entry into the material. We advise using light colors. The fact is that dark surfaces can heat up more, and compared to them, the light is less susceptible to deformation from the heating-cooling process, “
So, the choice of color, as well as the choice between paint and azure is yours, the main thing is to use quality materials.

Comment technologist.

  1. So is it worth painting the facade in a dark color?
    “To the words of other experts, clarification should be made: the facades painted in dark colors better protect the tree itself (or other material from which the house is built) from damage, but it does burn out more.
    We paint the facade in order to protect it from the damaging effects of UV radiation. To do this, it is necessary to paint the surface with coatings with high light resistance, and inorganic iron oxide pigments have the highest light resistance. But the pigments, in turn, should be well “accommodated” in a binder and have very small dimensions (several microns). All pigments, both light and dark, have a high
    lightfastness. Only on dark surfaces the process of changing color over time is more noticeable than on light. It is considered (according to the laws of physics) that dark colors better protect against UV radiation.
  2. Not all white paints turn yellow over time.
    If you take into account the quality of white paint and lazy from reliable manufacturers, you should understand the following. The effect of some yellowing applies only to alkyd coatings, but acrylic does not yellow in principle. But even alkyd coatings lose their whiteness only after several years – due to the thinning of the film and the appearance of the base of the wood. That is, it simply begins to shine through the natural color of the tree.
  3. Color fastness can be enhanced
    To increase the color fastness, it is necessary to regularly control the thickness of the color film after 4-5 years, which is the main barrier to UV radiation – the main enemy of color. ”