How to paint a car

When we buy a car, we pay attention not only to its technical condition, year of production, mileage, but also to color. Color affects both the purchase and subsequent sale of cars. After all, the car paintwork is a protective shell that protects your favorite thing from corrosion, gives an aesthetic look to the car, distinguishes it from other vehicles. The question of the state of the paint is particularly relevant for used cars.

With a long period of operation of the vehicle or after an accident, the paintwork becomes unusable, dents, chips, cracks appear, rust shoots from under the paint, fade and wipe the varnish. In such cases, the car requires a full painting or a comprehensive repair to restore the body. As Google’s search engine shows, many owners are interested in how these problems are solved and how much a full car paint job cost is, on what you can save, and what you shouldn’t save?

I will tell you about some ways full car painting.

Method 1. Leave everything as it is, and if there is an opportunity to move around on this trough, drive to the bitter end until the wheels fall off. You can try to resell the car again without repair and painting.

*Summary*. It is completely free and does not cost anything for you. .Saving money at 100%.

Method 2. Paint the car yourself.

To do this, you should at least know a little about the device of the car, understand the technology of car painting, understand paintwork materials, have a minimum of the necessary tools and know how to use them properly. And the most important thing is desire, time and a clean, dust-free garage or room.

*Summary*. This whole process will pull on a rather big amount of money and hemorrhoids on the ass, and all sorts of mistakes. But the path is going. It is difficult to paint cars, but it’s very interesting, and with all this you can earn some money later: by tinting and repainting cars to neighbors in the garage. But be ready for the fact that you will have to redo everything more than once, learn how to select and use materials correctly, because in “paint brushes”, materials and their overruns take the lion’s share of costs. Issue price of such work from $ 1000 to $ 3000. This will include a minimum of tools, inexpensive consumables and paints. We do not take into account the salary for your beloved!

Method 3. Find where it is cheaper to come to the garage, talk to the master, negotiate the cost and terms, hear a couple of jokes and fables there, leave the car, leave. To arrive on time for delivery of the car and …

 *Summary*. Do not believe “Kulibin”, check everything. And before you go to the selected master – make inquiries about him, collect feedback, come several times to his garage and see how he paints and applies to cars, what materials and tools he uses. And if in doubt, it is better to look for another master.

Method 4. You want to give your car to those people who can do it with a guarantee of quality and at an affordable price. You need service and quality in one place. But you expect to get discounts and paint cars cheaper. What to do in this situation?

Yes, everything is pretty trite and simple, His Majesty the Internet to help you. For example, go to the car forums and see all those who are on your topic there. Read reviews about them, see photos of their work, how they communicate and answer customer questions. Ring up the first ten, write down the prices for painting the car, the conditions offered by the painting stations. Then I advise all the same to drive at least a couple of such service stations. Talk with those who will take your car to work, who will restore and paint your car

Pay attention to:

• What documents do you issue when accepting a car? What guarantees get documented, not in words. Do not believe anyone.

• What materials will be used, what kind of varnish will be painted (write it on the back of the Acceptance report, so that the inspector would know about it). Ask if there is a colorist in the state? Believe me – this is very important, because if there are problems with the selection of paint – there is someone to make a complaint.

• Serious services always talk about deadlines. Never say on the service that deadlines are not important to you, but the main thing is quality … Otherwise, your car will constantly lag until the last moment, and then it will be done on time

• Is the service able to order the necessary parts, glass, consumables. I advise you to give the purchase of the required parts to the service. They have and should be! their suppliers. It will be faster and often cheaper than looking for yourself. Serious and loyal services will offer you spare parts at wholesale prices with a small margin (for costs). So you will save time, money, get your restored car and all the documents in your hands faster.

But remember that any services (whether painting a car or cutting hair at a barbershop) is a mutual process that can be developed and improved only if we are all honest with each other, talk and do everything honestly, respectfully to each other and be helpful to each other. From your side, your feedback, advice, suggestions will be of great help in the work of any service!

Method 5. Especially do not freeze. We are going to company service station. We leave cars there. We buy spare parts there at an exorbitant price and pick up the finished car. We get what they wanted. We rejoice in life.

* Summary * Method number 5 for those who do not want to spend time searching, for those who do not care how much he pays for the service, for those who have the illusion that the company service has a super-quality of work and will not be deceived there, for those who repair insurance pays … well, etc. …

To choose, of course, to you: how and where to make a car, but wondering how much it costs to paint the car, initially you should decide:

• How to paint a car? Local painting or full painting of the car?

• Who to paint cars? Garage, specialized workshop, official service station, or go to work yourself.

• How to paint a car? What quality and price policy of materials for you and your car will be acceptable?

• What will I get in return for my time and money (what result do I want)? This is probably the most important question …

If, for yourself, you decide on the answers to these questions, the question of the price of a complete car painting will become much clearer and more transparent and it will be easier for you to make a decision.

How to prep a car for paint

In any more or less significant work the key step is to prepare for it. At this point, not only is the forthcoming volume of activity determined, but the availability of a tool (grinding machine, spray gun) and materials required for its implementation is checked and, if necessary, a new one is purchased. Properly prepare the car for painting yourself – not an easy task, especially if you work with metallic. But thousands of motorists successfully cope with it and are able to carry out not only minor repairs to the bumper, bonnet or fender, but also restore the body and other parts of the vehicle.

Preliminary inspection

To begin with, the body of the car is thoroughly laundered from dirt, so that it is possible to assess its condition, including the inspection of metal and the existing paintwork. From the results of the inspection will depend on the plan for further action. This is like a patient check before administering treatment to him. Someone need to prescribe pills, and someone – the road straight to the operating table.

To prepare a car for painting with your own hands, you need to carefully inspect its body and other main parts. Particular attention should be paid to the state of the metal:

• bottoms;

• thresholds;

• wing;

• bonnet;

• the junction of various structural elements.

These details are the most susceptible to corrosion. Rotten metal parts require radical measures – cutting and welding patches. For most cars, the condition of the body is not so terrifying and therefore repairs for them will start with stripping.

You should carefully examine the old paintwork. If the wing, body or hood cover is swollen, then it is highly likely to detect metal parts corroded by rust under this defect.

It may also require the use of a welding machine. It is useful to watch a video on how to do it preparing the vehicle, especially if you decide to paint with metallic, and if there is no gun, then buy it.

Stage of work

Preparing for painting with your own hands will require consistent implementation of several key stages:

• stripping the car body;

• primer;

• putty;

• grinding.

Scraping metal body is required in order to give smoothness to welds, chips and cracks and remove the shiny layer of the old paintwork. In this work, use a grinding machine or sandpaper. Without such a procedure to properly handle the car body is impossible. Further preparation for painting is to create a reliable substrate for paintwork and seal defective places. The first provides a primer, and the second – putty.

Preparing to paint the old or new wing is fundamentally no different from the preparation of the body. Newly purchased products do not require the alignment of defects in the work, but otherwise same algorithm. It is important that the paint lies flat on the metal surface and reliably grappled with it.

Metallic Painting Highlights

After the car body or the surface of the wing or hood are prepared for painting, the most crucial moment comes. To carry out the work with your own hands, you must have the spray gun. Without this tool to apply quality coating on the car body is problematic, especially if painted with metallic. The principal difference of this type of painting is that first paint is applied on the surface of the wing, bonnet or body (usually in two layers), and then varnished. Without a spray gun to provide a smooth, saturated, iridescent in the sun color will not work.

Preparing for painting with metallic hands requires a more thorough approach to the primer. Its color should match the base color – there are plenty of paint color ideas for you to pick from when starting this project on your vehicle.

How to spray paint a car

This will require the appropriate equipment. With such work, one cannot do without:

• Compressor;

• Spray gun;

• Capacities for paints.

Minimum list of materials:

• Paint and varnish required colors;

• Solvent;

• Degreaser;

• Polyethylene film;

• Masking tape;


Before you finally paint the prepared car with enamel, you must once again check the fit of the plastic film with those parts of the body that cannot be painted and, if necessary, fix it. The paint is applied with an airbrush with a nozzle diameter of 1.3-1.5 mm. Considering that during painting the spray gun must be in a plane perpendicular to the surface, it is necessary to take care in advance of the presence of a stand with which it will be more convenient to paint.

Protect your money

To achieve good quality, it is enough to paint in two layers, and the second layer should be applied 30 minutes after applying the first. Farther should be drying the painted surface, which will take at least a day at a temperature of 20-25ºС. Dried enamel varnish in two layers.