Interior paint reviews

Homeowners with experience recall with horror this type of wall and ceiling decoration like whitewashing. On the one hand, a beautiful white surface, and on the other – a lot of problems. Very timely manufacturers of paints and varnishes have developed alternative types of paints. With their help, you can arrange the ceiling and walls in both ultra-white color and make a highlight in the form of a multi-colored coating. Favorably differs from archaic whitewashing and care of the painted surface. In most cases, you can carelessly wash the ceilings and walls by adding weakly alkaline detergents to the water. When choosing a suitable paint, experts recommend paying attention to a few points.

Criteria for choosing paint for the ceiling and walls

Many buyers begin their selection with a price range. But cheap budget paint can make repairs very expensive. The fact is that each paint has its own coverage rate. If you can achieve perfect coverage in a single pass, then this

It will be more profitable than applying 2-3 layers with a break for drying. The total cost of repairs is also affected by paint consumption. An important parameter for users will be the durability of the painted surface. High-quality paint after drying has a water and dirt-repellent ability, does not change the original color even when exposed to sunlight. When choosing a material it is worth considering the nature of the room. Almost all paints behave well in heated rooms. But the temperature drops and high humidity can not withstand all products. Our review includes the best paints for the ceiling and walls. In compiling the rating, the following criteria were taken into account: appointment; specifications; price; expert opinion and decorators; user reviews.

The best silicone aqueous emulsion ink for walls and ceilings

1 TIKKURILA Euro Extra 20

2 Caparol CapaSilan



The best silicate water-based paint for walls and ceilings



3 Ceresit “ST 54 “

Best Acrylic Waterborne Paint




Top latex paints for walls and ceilings


2 Dufa Retail Eurolatex 3

3 DULUX Bindo 7 BW

4 NewTone Sky

The best silicone aqueous emulsion ink for walls and ceilings

One of the most reliable paints for the ceiling and walls are water-based products based on silicone resin. Experts attribute the abrasion resistance and water repellency to the advantages of such paints. Therefore, they can be used in rooms with aggressive environment.

The experts chose several quality models.

TIKKURILA Euro Extra 20

A synonym for quality in the field of interior decoration is the production of the Finnish company TIKKURILA. In our ranking, the winner was the paint TIKKURILA Euro Extra 20. It gathered all the main advantages of modern silicone paints. This is a pure color and UV resistance, and environmental friendliness, and excellent performance. Professionals highlight the absence of odor at work, a neutral attitude to water and household detergents. It is difficult to find negative reviews from ordinary consumers. The only downside is the high price, but excellent quality worth the money spent.

Sherwin williams interior paint reviews

Sherwin Williams brand has received a US Quality Award!

The brand’s products received the main award J.D. Power 2017 Paint Satisfaction Study.

Reviews real buyers – the best argument when choosing a product. Sherwin Williams interior paint in a survey of 4,625 buyers across America were found to correspond to the “highest customer expectation.”

EMERALD INTERIOR interior paint: innovative stain blocking

Emerald Interior is called the best interior paint in the premium segment. The whole secret is in a special formula developed in 2016. Thanks to her, the paint has an effective technology of blocking dirt. By applying this matte coating, you can hide minor defects of the walls and achieve a smooth surface that is resistant to washing. The paint has antimicrobial properties, and the low content of volatile substances makes it possible to use it in all types of premises, including children’s rooms.

Paint DURATION HOME MATTE: will save at high humidity

DURATION HOME matt washable paint

DURATION HOME matt washable paint is designed for painting walls and ceilings. It has proven itself in conditions of high humidity, that is, in such areas as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Duration resists the appearance of mold, the painted surface retains its original color for a long time, and stains and dirt from it are easy to remove with a damp sponge.

 SUPER PAINT: Super Opacity

Super Paint interior paint is distinguished by high hiding power and an accurate color hit, and the price of the product will pleasantly surprise you. Enough to apply in one layer (and one layer of topcoat) to get with it smooth and matte finish. Super Paint is suitable for untreated, primed or previously painted surfaces. She can paint plasterboard ceilings, plaster, wood and masonry.

Sherwin-Williams color palette is so diverse that all interior paints are available in over 3000 shades!

Ppg timeless interior paint reviews

Manor Hall® Timeless® paint is simply the best 100% acrylic interior paint from Pittsburgh Paints with a lifetime warranty.

Using the most advanced technology, the company Pittsburgh® Paints has developed a new standard of excellence for interior paint – the Manor Hall® Timeless® lifetime warranty line.

Manor Hall® Timeless® paint perfectly combines the properties of 100% acrylic resins and two-component industrial coatings. Unlike ordinary matte paints, which, after washing, begin to shine, Manor Hall® Timeless® paint guarantees a constant painted surface and antibacterial protection. It is just the perfect paint for the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, children’s room, etc.

The main differences:

• 100% acrylic latex paint

• Unsurpassed Hiding Power

• Excellent resistance to dirt and stains

• Moisture resistant paint resistant to germs and mold

• Exceptional resistance to washing and abrasion

• Virtually odorless

• Lifetime warranty

Pittsburgh® Paints is so confident in the quality and technical data of the Manor Hall Timeless line, which gives a lifetime guarantee of paint to cracks, peeling and flaking.